Fall 2020 Artist Showcase

  -  Fall 2020 Artist Showcase
FALL 2020 (1)
FALL 2020 (3)
October 2020 – December 2020

Featured Artists: Trevor Grooms, Sophie Newell & Jeff Sedrel

For our very first show, we asked three artists with varying experience to showcase work they created over the hectic year of 2020.

What effect does an event like the COVID-19 pandemic have on creative energy? Were artists more or less likely to make new work?

During times of extreme political and social change, artists can feel that the work they create will come to have extra historical significance…or less.

By bringing three artists with such varying styles to Landlock Gallery, we celebrated the creative spirit in the face of uncertainty and were able to introduce Omaha to a brand new space in which to engage with artwork.